Baerlocher USA and Innoleics Announce U.S. Distribution Partnership for Bio-based PVC Plasticizers

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Mar. 7, 2024 - Baerlocher USA, part of the Baerlocher Group, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, and Innoleics, a U.S. innovator in bio-based plasticizers, today announced a new partnership agreement. Under the terms of the deal, Baerlocher USA now distributes Innoleics' full line of bio-based plasticizers for flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applications to the U.S. market, providing customers with greater access to these innovative, sustainable materials. The company will also leverage Innoleics’ products to produce customizable bio-plasticizer/liquid mixed metal one-pack solutions. This strategic partnership expands Baerlocher USA’s portfolio and strengthens its position as a trusted solutions supplier to the plastics industry.

“Baerlocher USA is excited to partner with Innoleics to expand our portfolio with bio-based-plasticizers and combined solutions that complement our existing PVC additive business,” said Josh Wierzba, SBU Director, PVC Additives, Baerlocher USA. “This relationship with Innoleics underscores our shared interest in creating value for our customers through innovative solutions, superior service, and strong market awareness.”

With the addition of Innoleics’ bio-plasticizers to its portfolio, Baerlocher USA will now offer sustainable alternatives to traditional plasticizers that do not compromise the mechanical properties of PVC. These plasticizers enhance the material’s processing performance and aesthetic properties, while reducing or eliminating typical issues associated with vegetable-based plasticizers. They also offer a cost-effective option that contributes to stronger, more sustainable final products.

Innoleics is a pioneer in bio-based primary plasticizers that combine high performance with competitive cost. These products have been commercially adopted in various segments such as wire and cable, synthetic leather, footwear and flooring. Baerlocher now becomes the sole distributor of these products, which serve as alternatives to existing general-purpose fossil-based plasticizers.

“Innoleics is thrilled about this collaboration agreement with Baerlocher, a highly reputable and trusted supplier and solutions provider in the PVC market,” said Jacyr Quadros Jr, Innoleics’ Director. “We believe that our low carbon footprint materials, combined with Baerlocher’s technical expertise, will make a substantial contribution to the industry’s efforts to reach challenging sustainability goals.”

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About Baerlocher: The Baerlocher Group is a leading manufacturer of additives for the plastics industry. Its portfolio includes a broad range of stabilizers and other additives suitable for a variety of polymer and non-polymer applications. Baerlocher USA delivers tailored solutions in a reliable, supportive, and ethical manner by investing in our people, customers, and markets while adapting to changing needs. Baerlocher embraces the principles of responsible care. It operates an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001. Baerlocher plays a positive role in both the business community and society as a whole. This includes work within industry associations, and the provision of training opportunities in a variety of disciplines. The Baerlocher Group has production plants around the globe and operates a sales network serving all major countries. Baeropan, Baerostab, Baeropol, Baerolub and Baerocid are registered trademarks of Baerlocher. For more information, please visit

About Innoleics: Founded in 2007, Innoleics has 16 years of experience in developing and producing bio-based materials, with a special focus on the flexible PVC market. The company holds two US patents and is now focusing on expanding bio-based materials in the North American market. For more information, please visit